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only then

only then …

when we covet gleaming automobiles,

shiny watches,

pendants of gold,

the latest and the greatest,

of what the Mall has to offer,

we betray humanity,

religion too,

for only when the lust ceases,

when the urge to splurge is stilled,

when we see each other not as vessels for material gratification,

when we sever the silken shackles of ostentation,

only then,

may we preach,

but until then,

we’ve left what makes us human far behind,

may we soon,

turn around to see,

that humanity isn’t bought or bartered or sold,

it’s within us all to find …

Greed is Good*

brands and little tender hands,

sewing and sweating,

in dinghy factories and in smoke-clogged stands.

Haute-couture and ostentatious labels,

black and blue whiskey on heaving sushi tables.

Greed is good,

it ‘enhances’ free-market competition,

as we blindly scamper from mall to mall,

devoid of a scintilla of compassionate vision.

Greed is good,

oh and it feeds,

on complicity,


as we reap the rewards,

of the sowing of hypocritical seeds.

Greed is good,

yes it is,

as long as we can buy and buy and buy and buy,


as long as there’s gourmet coffee to be had,


as long as there are oysters we can lasciviously shuck,

oh yes,

greed is good,

so we sew our mouths shut,

as we frolic,

as we party,


as we fuck**.

Greed is Good*

* – title borrowed from Oliver Stone’s film ‘Wall Street’

** – dialogue from Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now” – Marlon Brando as ‘Colonel Kurtz” 

” … We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won’t allow them to write “fuck” on their airplanes because it’s obscene! “

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