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my starved eyes

my starved eyes …

my starved eyes, aching for a glimpse of your smile, ready to beguile, their thirst quenched, seeking simple joys, not million dollar toys, finally, coaxed the ocean of your eyes, to reveal the kernel of truth beneath the veneer of lies, so love me now, today, where fractured dreams are made whole by the sea spray, plunging deeper into the ocean shimmering in your eyes, hoping we may breathe, like the terror of time, high on up into blue skies, where love roams unshackled, in that ocean so deep,

in your beautiful eyes.

plastic smiles, polythene emotions, gift-wrapped for yet another commercial chasm,

lost humanity flitting hither and thither, seeking to procure that perfect gift.

the fakery is ubiquitous, as inured souls scavenge malls, snouts in the rough as this or that price falls,

where are the simple joys, the fullness of souls and hearts imbibing, each others purest essence,

and not simply shopping till dropping for this year’s most coveted presents …

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