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she looked here and there,

beneath park benches,

atop kitchen counters,

in the misshapen clouds above,

in the dirt beneath her shoes,

she looked here and there,

traversing highways,

combing through alleyways,

scars camouflaged by cheap makeup,

in rest rooms, motels and hotels,

here and there.

she searched high and low,

deep inside her famished being,

a seemingly unending quest for the one thing that made her her,

that completed her,

that made her feel real.

she looked at all of them, straight into their oblivious eyes,

eyes apathetic, and eyes pathetic,

the eyes of men, unkind, untrue, unfeeling,

the unambiguous misogyny wrapped around them like excrement.

she never flinched, as she held onto the part of her being that held her together.

she never gave up the search,

and she is searching still.

and when they ask her what she is constantly searching for,

she told them all, with steely resolve and defiant eyes:

” dignity “





the duality of time …





loves, lives, hearts.



souls, spirits, selves …


a salve,

a balm.


knowing only that

in the end,


there shall be,










talkin’ walkin’ with a friend unblues …

we shall walk this earth, along the rolling African plains, we shall dance with glee, in the cool gentle rains,

we shall wade through the wetlands, we shall sing in the streams, we shall live life as it should be lived, as we have lived it in our shared dreams,

we shall travel to far flung places filled with flavours spicy, and to ancient cities filled with wonder, we shall wear out our walking shoes, as through the miles we continue to wander,

we shall walk side by side, our journey taking us to places and to people unknown, we shall break bread with all, singing songs of different cultures, woefully out of rhythm and tone,

we shall walk hand in hand, two friends roaming so many a diverse land, feeling the powdery talcum sand under our feet, on so many a distant island,

we shall talk as we walk, of hopes and of fears, of broken souls whole again, of eyes no longer moist with tears,

we shall soak in the warmth of human contact, of languages seas apart, we shall learn to speak many tongues, bidding adieu to friends made along the way, for the memories within us will always stay,

so let us walk along these paths ahead, leaving it all behind, our tortured past to finally be shed, making the soft grasses our nightly bed,

sharing with all peoples of all races, all religions, all man-made divisions,

that the colour of the blood that pumps through all our veins,

is red.

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