The letter from President Nelson Mandela to my father on the day my mother passed away.

My parents were comrades of President Nelson Mandela stretching back to the 1950s

For a Mother …

She left me,
with only the thoughts of her embrace to warm me,

in frigid mornings of tomorrows yet to come.

She left me,
with her words of tender truths to shroud me,

in the coming evenings of stabbing sleet and hail.

She left me,
yet she stays forever within me,

in my waking dreams
and in my restful thoughts,

she stays forever within me,

she remains an abiding part,

of the love,
the pain,
the tears,

and thusly,

we shall never, ever be truly apart.

( for my mother, who passed away on the 4th of April 2008, after a long battle with Motor-Neurone Disease or ALS, and for every brave soul battling ALS and other illnesses across the globe )