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i saw her 

i saw her, a revelation in glorious technicolour, standing by the bus stop,

she smiled at me, wrenching my heart off my sleeve.

i see her still,

now in faded black and white,

wondering where she may be, after all these years, months, days, moments,

with time trickling through our lives,

knotting destiny into a silken weave,

time, ah time!

slipping away,

down fate’s random sieve …

as we get on by …

through half-dreamed emotions, the tears and the laughter of years in between, finding their way back, settling in our souls, coaxing hope out of despair, trying to keep it all together,

as we get on by.

nothing fills the void of restless desolation more than memories, just floating on the wind, dandelion seeds scattered hither and thither, seeing at last the impermanence of this fragile life,

as we get on by.

hidden in the folds of joy and of sorrow, when fate often flits past, its brushstrokes lingering on the mosaic of our lives, leaving only  traces of colour,

as we get on by.

the hammer of time bangs incessantly on, as we walk, as we talk, as we love, and as we dance in the spring rains, not a care in the world for those fleeting moments, we travel,

as we get on by.

we stare at our reflections in the mirror, age carving lines on our worn faces, where did all those years go, trickling down the sieve of time, leaving us to walk on,

as we get on by.

looking back through the willowy mist, we share pocketfuls of regrets, things we could have said, things that should have remained unsaid, dreams unfulfilled, knocking on the door, urging us to let them in, and it may just be, that in those moments, we clutch onto hope, and perhaps it is that sliver of hope that keeps us dreaming,

these gentle dreams we dream,

as we get on by …

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