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repost: I am Woman

I am Woman.

just when you think you’ve broken me,

with your cowardly fists,

with your diseased tongue,

I will not cower.

your fake macho shell does not frighten me,

your violence will not silence me.

I am I,

the mother,

the sister,

the partner,

the woman!

I am me.

I am Woman!

and you are not.

nor can you ever be.

withered feelings, like frozen tears, litter the dusty floor, splintered shards of vows,

once meant never to be broken, lie callously shattered,

strewn across the carpet of dreams, torn and mercilessly tattered.

why does love die, with hearts tearing each other apart, while desire dimly begins to fade,

retreating to a far off place, in the bleakness of the shade.

we were once loved, exalted to the crests of joy,

but now we sit in the corner, not unlike an old forgotten, used toy …

these days, without you,

wasting breaths meant to be kisses,

squandered caresses, lost moments of yearning desire.

these days, without you,

pilfering smiles meant to be hearty laughs,

seeing the time out in between, lost in the embers of love’s roaring fire …

hate speech is not free …

when prejudice and hate are spewed forth, in conventions and meetings and living room lounges,

humanity shudders.

when doctrines of superiority and racism are flung, in talk-shows and Q & A’s and town halls and pillow talk,

humanity recoils.

hate speech is not free, it enslaves the fungal minds of like-minded bigoted folk,

hate speech is not free, it denigrates the dignity of swathes of humanity, 

who are still, still, still trying to shake off racisms’ tyrannical yoke.

hate speech is not free speech …

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