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coming up … … …

surfacing, washed ashore,

gasping, wracked in bronchospasm,

swallowing every breath,  hungrily, manically,

feeling my eyes clear,

sounds and smells filtering back,

edgily, languidly,

between lungfulls of air,

and an emptiness left behind,

torn between spaces, illegally alien, to oneself,

the most desolate places, sometimes,

lie just beneath the veneer,

of the ever smiling, happy face … … …

momentary slides,

of lifes’ exquisite times,

at times,

are dusted, burnished,

shedding the weight, baggage,

of random strings,

at once,

flinging me opposite you,

in a dream i relished,

not long ago,

so know this, if nothing else,

those moments within me reside,

today, now,

as timely as the coming in of each dawns tide … …

​the foul odour of scarred flesh.

the reeking decomposition.

bodies once animated, once so alive, now strewn across the moist ground.

the surgical strike.

pin-point accuracy.

the smartest weapons, deployed, to decimate the bad guys.

black and brown people, more often than not, pummeled to a pulp, black and blue.

while LCD screens miles away, surveill, scanning for potential targets, the unknown other.

the evil doers,

as mothers and daughters, pick out apples and spinach

in a market-place in the cross-hairs

she came to me one night,

the stars breathing light,

caressing away feeling,

as i lay kneeling,

soothed deep until numb,

speaking words rendered dumb,

her kisses grew,

rampaging through,

tearing at a thudding heart,

sliced agonisingly apart,

eyes dimmed, tears streaming,

clawing at walls, imprisoned by dreaming,

breaking free, shackles broken, bent,

consigned to the now, this ever present,

plastic shell,

this enduring hell?

yet, yet, hope persists,

hope resists,

for as another year flees,

hope blossoms,

in fresh leaves,

defiantly dancing,

on living, breathing trees.

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