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what are you hoping to find?

​leaving the din of this city far behind,

away from the strangling grind,
she asked me “what are you hoping to find?”,
“you, if you don’t mind”

​”i have lost my way”, i said,
she smiled, taking my hand,
“i am still searching”,
“i have found you”, said i,
“and i, you”, she breathed … … …

the caress of hair

whispered dreamily
swirling symmetry

between hungering mouths
lips tongues

basking in this moment

holding onto each kiss
for dreams cease

only to be left

in the willowy haze of diluted time
leaving the detritus:

merely wasted time 
behind …

​fool’s corner.

tongues dripping language surreal,
rendering eyes, heavy-lidded, glazed,
skidding, incomprehensible,
into the yawning unreal,
scores of ears deafened by words,

deadened by sentences,
inured by scribbles,
that conceal,
love, loss, work, and the sycophantic drool,
intravenously pumped,

through highways,




beneath the glare of lights,

bright, cruel,
dismissed, despatched,

zealously grinning, winning, sinning,
relegated to the corner of the fool.

​strumming moments.


discordant, awash in today,

plucking strings, teasing chords,

strumming along,

tuneless …

my song.

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