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ragged, splintered,


velveteen gentleness,

swirling tongues of fire,

serenading sensuous brushstrokes,

on canvas,

whirling, afloat,

on an old bridge not far from where she used to live,

rising, imbued with life,

a symphonic crescendo,

of shared heartbeats,

fading between notes,


an orchestral rising,

conducting passion,

electric sparks flaming into musical echoes,

at the precipice,

beyond the rains,

of dazzling rainbow hues,

lost in void,


scalding the depths of rhyme,

ravaged by the endless song and dance and mime,


for a prolonged

bouquet of shared time … …


let us walk,

knowing not the paths ahead,

let us talk,

knowing not each others tongues,

let us breathe,

the simple joys of life,

away from shredding strife,

so, take my hand,

in yours,

and let us walk and talk,

through many tears,

and an occasional smile,

as we walk on,

mile upon mile …

awaiting a breathy murmur

from a voice

long dimmed, lost in the gnarled

passageways of memory

to come and caress the desolate night


awaiting a dusky whisper

from that voice

muted still, adrift on the breeze

of time’s murky pathway

to thaw and dispel the settling gloom


awaiting a hushed memory

to surface and fill

those voids left by wordless banter

and the deafening din

to finally still

may dawn caress your gentle heart,

bidding nights sleep adieu:

sprinkling memories that soothe,

as darkest night scurrying, squirreling,

does depart … … …

​only then

when we covet gleaming automobiles,

shiny watches,

pendants of gold,

the latest and the greatest,

of what the Mall has to offer,

we betray humanity,

religion too,

for only when the lust ceases,

when the urge to splurge is stilled,

when we see each other not as vessels for material gratification,

when we sever the silken shackles of ostentation,

only then,

may we preach,

but until then,

we’ve left what makes us human far behind,

may we soon,

turn around to see,

that humanity isn’t bought or bartered or sold,

it’s within us all to find …

​bracing howling winds of fate, of love, 

enveloped by darkening clouded skies above,

what becomes of the heart that feels too much,

but desolate emptiness,

merely traversing the daily grind,

fragile are the bonds, the ties that bind,

still hopeful, still searching,

for the solace that seems so hard to find … … …

​common fountain … …

in a world tugging,

pulling, drawing and quartering,

each soul apart,

and as mercy, humanity, love,

effortlessly, and resistance-free,


embracing ignorance, hugging credulous unreason,

fracturing the human bones,

cartilage, tendons ripped,

shattered hearts, broken minds,

there can be but one answer,

simplistic as it may sound,

teach respect, not creed,

worship shared humanity,

shun lecherous greed,

then, and I fear only then,

may we truly, as one,

from our common fountain feed … …

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