​on the passing of the years …

age creeps up on one, and with the lightness of a dandelion seed, it floats seductively before our eyes, and then flutters away. 

the falls and the follies of youth seem bygones away, mere filaments of strings of memories encapsulated in the recesses of the mind. 

the passing of the years is often linked to the attaining of ‘wisdom’, and though I certainly am not wise, but these ensuing years have I hope, at the very least, imbibed in me a little sense of understanding. 

and sometimes I think that may just be enough. 

there is far too much pain and sorrow and war and deprivation in this mad crazy world, and as the years pile on it is my hope, no my fervent wish, to understand more. 

and by understanding a little more, I hope to be more human, less plastic, more caring, less callous. 

it is not an easy path to tread, but thanks to the love of all those close to me, both past and present, I have embarked upon the journey.

there are many steps yet to be tread, one hopes. 

may they be walked with a sense of humanity. 

that much is enough.