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She is my All

Artwork from Google

She is my All …

she is my all,

picking me up whenever I fall,

walking beside me, fierce and tall,

unafraid pain may yet befall.

my all, my strident constant, breathing away aches in an instant.

she is my all.

she is all.

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Johannesburg sunset – photograph from google

i stand alone. 


i stand alone, though never lonely,

she rests within me, and ’tis with  her i long to be.

i stand alone,

though hardly disconsolate,

she sprinkles colour deep within me, a dazzling rainbow for me to see.

i stand alone,

at rest and with hope,

her soul caressing my edginess, her memory a soothing balm helping me to cope.

i stand alone,

her heart a part of mine,

our emotions are one, bound by tight twine.


i do not stand alone, for we stand side by side,

our love in tune, with the coming in of the tide …

Johannesburg skyline – artwork frkm google

Artwork from Google

missing you …

in times, lonely, alone,

in moments of raucous cacophony,

during radiant sunshine,

in the depths of coldness all around,

thoughts of you,

memories of you, abide,

cleansing my soul, my heart, my being entire,

scorched by a yearning, an ache of desire,

washing across me,

engulfed by the incoming tide,

yet the furnace rages,

fuelled by the warmth of your overwhelming fire …

Artwork from Google

Artwork from Google

late-night meanderings …



vivid memories


depths of your eyes

the brush of your hair

the fragrance of your smile …

… snap-shots

    oil on canvas


 of you

keeping me company

along the roads



alleys of hope






                  mile …

Artwork from Google

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