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in the deep

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in the deep …

flailing, thrashing for gulps of air, when well-meaning words ricochet, and emotions in the deep lay,

when one is yanked into the chasm of the deep, blankly staring at the ceiling, chasing fleeing sleep,

alone, with misfiring neurons coaxing, inviting, paving alleys for gloom to slowly seep, when pangs of emptiness deeper still, begin to creep,

sleep vanishes, ushering waking nightmares in, a jangling discord of the day, the night, and of yesterdays din,

one reaches for slivers of hope, the double edged scimitar of life, the jagged rawness of seemingly unending strife,

ah but seeing a solitary shard, the lifeline of coarse hope, the being entire reaches out, digging in fingers to get a foothold, on that slippery slope,

and as dawn approaches, gently ushering in day from night, one feels renewed, rejuvenated, in the soft glow of morning light,

for it is the fragile strands of the new morn, keeping darkness at bay, nestling petals with the dew of hope, against the odds, 

welcoming new life,

banishing the pangs of emptiness away …


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timing …

aren’t we all

at times …




deliriously happy










at times? right.

your timing is intolerable‘, she used to say …

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talkin’ heartbreak blues …

… jingling and a-jangling between insipid day and fungal night, rumbling from those spirituals of yore, in a time way yonder back before, you pirouetted into my days and my nights, when pain was felt, though never this deep, this raw, that rotten gnaw deep in my core, compelling me to scribble this scribble, as i hyperventilate and as my broken mouth begins to dribble, these sentences, these words, these empty noises, barren drums, calling out, since you left, rendering me mutely bereft, just words, barren drums calling out to you, wherever you are and whoever you are today, now …

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