Archive for February 10, 2017

a lovey-dovey scribble 

​I want to walk with you, freely on this earth, soaking in the scent of the soil, our calloused hands testimony to the sweat and the toil,

I want to share with you my deepest hopes, my desperate fears, I want us to share, the joy and the tears,

we shall share a life together, not without sorrows, neither of hardships free, but you shall always be you, as I shall always remain me,

so take my hand in yours, my friend, we have much to traverse, with many a shoe yet to mend …

​we shall walk hand in hand, vowing to take a stand,

never to be one with the soulless  parade, not to be fooled by the ostentatious charade,

we shall carve our own road ahead, together, always together, walking our paths yet to be tread …

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