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idealistic dreams

​when joy flaps its wings, soaring into boundless skies, all despair recedes, dusted off as hope freely flies, high to that exalted place, where smiles are worn on every face, where mirth bursts open all closed gates, showering all in its midst with kinder fates, where the world is no longer a slave to war, and peace reigns forever more.

an idealistic hope, though this may be, will we ever know if we do not try and see, to build a better, kinder, gentler world for all, where pained tears no longer into dust do fall …

withered feelings, like frozen tears, litter the dusty floor, splintered shards of vows, once meant never to be broken, lie callously shattered, strewn across the carpet of dreams, torn and mercilessly tattered.

why does love die, with hearts tearing each other apart, while desire dimly begins to fade, retreating to a far off place, in the bleakness of the shade.

we were once loved, exalted to the crests of joy, but now we sit in the corner, not unlike an old forgotten, used toy.

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