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the furnace rages, beneath a simmering need, senses aflame, fanning a wanton greed.

aching passion in the cauldron of desire, famished yearning stoked by an overwhelming fire.

the distance between us reduced to a bead of dripping sweat, lost in an embrace, lips inches apart, beholding your face.

the hunger aches, surfing undulating crests and troughs, the impatience grows, sweltering in the spaces where desire flows.

fingertips tracing words of an unfinished rhyme, patiently now, since we bask in knowing we have all the time … … …

​alone in this teeming city, surrounded by souls gone cold, we weathered the storms that lashed, we absorbed the barbed words that slashed, harsh times when dinner plates were empty, huddling close, feeling as desolate as the solitary rose, still we made it through, we held on to each other, knowing our love was true, we found work and we slogged till dawn, our only wish was for a kinder fate to be born, we have waited a while for those dreams to come to pass, shredding our hopes like shards of glass, was this the hope that drove us here, to share this single room, in a city of ugly gaudy tinsel meant to smother the gloom, this was not our dream, not mine nor yours, when we embarked on our seemingly never ending course, to build a life hewn from the promise of a better tomorrow, well we have waited through morrow after morrow, we are waiting still, for the fates to be kinder, to keep away the frigid winter chill …

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