the fragrance of your love …

Wafting, caressing wisps,

reach me.

A barely discernible lilting fragrance, 

touches me.

You are my bouquet of flowers,

you are my garden of nature’s bounty,

you beckon me closer, ever closer,

your sultry love, crossing the miles,

in my rear view mirror, a series of snapshots, of the times we shared,

of the years fleeing past, as we, with each other,

walked hand in hand, on our beach of promise,

our souls to each other, bared.

Now I lay here desolate, alone, if I only knew why I was banished, I would do it all again,

to atone,

yet your fragrance infuses me, with a hope of reckless, passionate daring,

for it was you,

it was always you,

on the silver moons of long ago,

who taught me the true meaning of love,

and of caring.

Your fragrance has settled within me, deep and flowing through veins,

though you may no longer be here by my side,

our shared moonbeams filter through my cracked windows,

and as always,

there is no place for me to hide.