wanderlust dreams …

would you join me in the wanderlust of dreams?

where we can travel to serene meandering streams,

where in an instant we may voyage to destinations we crave to see,

for in the wanderlust of dreams,

we can be anywhere our desires wish us to be.

we may travel to mountains reaching for the sky,

threading our paths in between crevasses,

to snowy peaks beckoning us, inviting us to summits jagged and high.

we may also hear the call from the jungles, the rainforests lush and green,

our brows dripping with sweat in dense foliage and flora never before seen.

the turquoise oceans as well, call us to reach,

many a lost shipwreck on many a pristine beach,

to swim with the dolphins, in the embracing silence of the deep sea,

feeling our souls mingling with nature, alive and free.

monuments built in times long past, whisper to us to heed their call,

to breathe in the cultures long lost to us all,

awestruck by their exquisite buildings, majestic and tall,

as our quest continues, to the secret places beneath us through which we trawl,

in opulent caves where we painstakingly crawl,

the deserts,

the plains,

the steppes,

the rivers flowing through,

invite us generously,

to taste,

to absorb,

to marvel,

to be humble,

by the soaking rains and the rolling thunder that shall always rumble.

so may we always wander, through this earth we call our home,

may we always climb,

may we always trek,

and may we always through this earth,

joyfully and freely roam …