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diwali*-drenched dreamy scribbles …


those deepavali nights,

our fingers, tongues,

senses …

flickering amongst the diyas,

of those infinite delhi diwali lights,

our bodies ablaze,


infused with longing,


one to another,


the uniting of souls,

beneath the canopy of enveloping sky,

souls inflamed,

smouldering in the furnace of dreamy diwali nights,

your breath like tangerine,

your lips – quivering,

unleashing abandon,

caressing, exploring,

murmured kisses precisely random,

tempting you, me,

both, together,

a union of dreams unfettered,

setting desires free,

long lost in the mists of passing time,

yet still raging,

burning up,

within you, within me.


* – Diwali or Deepavalli is an ancient festival commemorating the victory of the forces of good over evil. It is celebrated by lighting earthen lamps called ‘diyas’ and the exchanging of sweetmeats and of fireworks that emblazon the skies.

the palette of colours …

earthy dust awash with rustic tinged passion,

vibrant hues of emotions sketched,

aflame with jasmine scented swirls,

each dawn breathing life,

as sublime flowers their petals unfurl.

our lips, tracing feelings

deeply etched,

coursing through autumn browns,

winter charcoals,

infusing each breath with smiles that banish doleful frowns.

teasing out love from nature’s palette of colours divine,

entwined by a bond felt deep, in your soul and mine.

a riotous desire imbibed not by neatly manicured gardens of blazing reds,

but far, far away from human eyes,

in places untamed,

in the forests of wild, pristine, untouched flower beds,

soothing the mind,

yawning across crystal streams,

in colours of exultant life,

painted in the palette of dreams …

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