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lime … … …

lime … … …

tangy, with a dash of a catch, this life, these bare feet on cosmic beaches, seeking something – elusively rare – that first rush of something, when love flutters by,



tinged with a bitterness of all that,

all that yet to unfold,

a sourness perhaps, who-knows-maybe, an organic, green, fragrant, splash of effervescent lime,

to counteract the woefully horrifying, uncouth even effects of pulsing, teasing, corrosive time,

worse only is the attempted scribble to make sense of all that, in a pompous haste of rhyme … … …

the scabbard of time … … …


courtesy google

times, like idle rhymes, flow,
inuring consciences, feeding on apathy, to grow,

time, the scything blade, slices through ramparts, leaving the scabbard bloody red, retreating as it departs,

time, peels off the veneer, refinement laid bare, the grotesque masquerade, in which we all our parts must share, the sorry charade … … …

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