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A Simply Schmaltzy Scribble

my loveliness, you …


various strands,
hewn by the gentlest of hands,


your hands,
tender, warm, soft,

absorbed deep,
beyond sleep,

into my being,
my mind,
and my soul,

leaving me warm,
aflame with desire,

infused by your love,
within me,

within my mind, body, soul,

my being,

whole … … …

the fire rages,
inflamed by you,

the furnace scorches,
ablaze with your love,

the love abides,
today, tomorrow,

and only with you,

my loveliness,
ever by my side … …


artist unknown

my loveliness waits,
through decades of lost haste,

through trials and grief,
peaceful days and dire straits,

my loveliness waits …

i wait …

through decades past,
for kisses meant to last,

i wait,

to hold my loveliness,
in these lonesome arms,

i wait,

transcending lust,
overcoming desire,

i wait,

to be scorched,
in the furnace of her raging fire … … …

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