talkin’ walkin’ along blues …

I’ve walked a lot
been carried many more times though it comes as blow to the almighty ego but if we’re bein’ honest let’s let slip the hounds of self-indulgent quackery

cos’ I’ve been a-walkin’ just about long enough to know

and you can call me a pinko commie-lovin hypocrite if you like but there’s got to be something in that ‘let’s share this world we’ve got’ stuff those old geezers like lennon & groucho were spoutin’

cos’ I tell you with all the stuff I’ve seen

I sometimes think my eyes have been takin’ a batterin’

for seeing stuff no one should see

oh but you know all the yarns I keep a-spinnin’

cos’ you’ve carried me through those rivers of thorns

valleys of shrapnel
meadows of steel

you’ve carried me across those turbulent oceans of tears

muted howls of despair
silenced sobs of loss

and still you keep pullin’ me
hangin’ on
holdin’ on

stopping me from a-drownin’

while I’ve spent my days jesterin’ & a-clownin’

but fooling not a soul but myverygoodself

and so I cling on

cos’ I’d been in Jo’burg and now the smells of ol’ Delhi tease me

tugging at my heart

sayin’ not much

but enough

‘you’ve been gone awhile. come around. it’ll still feel like home’

that’s why I love the blues oh yes I love the blues

there’s no knowin’
what’s up ahead around the bend turning the corner

no knowin’ what’s a-comin’

like life …