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talkin’ walkin’ along blues …

I’ve walked a lot
been carried many more times though it comes as blow to the almighty ego but if we’re bein’ honest let’s let slip the hounds of self-indulgent quackery

cos’ I’ve been a-walkin’ just about long enough to know

and you can call me a pinko commie-lovin hypocrite if you like but there’s got to be something in that ‘let’s share this world we’ve got’ stuff those old geezers like lennon & groucho were spoutin’

cos’ I tell you with all the stuff I’ve seen

I sometimes think my eyes have been takin’ a batterin’

for seeing stuff no one should see

oh but you know all the yarns I keep a-spinnin’

cos’ you’ve carried me through those rivers of thorns

valleys of shrapnel
meadows of steel

you’ve carried me across those turbulent oceans of tears

muted howls of despair
silenced sobs of loss

and still you keep pullin’ me
hangin’ on
holdin’ on

stopping me from a-drownin’

while I’ve spent my days jesterin’ & a-clownin’

but fooling not a soul but myverygoodself

and so I cling on

cos’ I’d been in Jo’burg and now the smells of ol’ Delhi tease me

tugging at my heart

sayin’ not much

but enough

‘you’ve been gone awhile. come around. it’ll still feel like home’

that’s why I love the blues oh yes I love the blues

there’s no knowin’
what’s up ahead around the bend turning the corner

no knowin’ what’s a-comin’

like life …

a quick scribble …

aren’t we all the same?
aren’t we all confounded broken pained ecstatic fractured joyous sad indescribably happy proud secretly snooty twisted within our own hearts yearning for something more than this crappy deal called ‘life’ cos’ there’s got to be something better something bigger than the lustful pursuit of monetary physical emotional psychological sexual gratification that last but the blink of an eye yet we hunt prey upon choose profits over people whom we see as cannon-fodder for our wiles schemes capitalist profit filthy rich obscenity and still we bring up our kids with (trumpets sound) traditional values religious beliefs norms cultural shackles the need for greed by emphasising material and social gratification over respect and understanding for one another as a race, the human race and we shove this down our very young ones’ collective conscience and then in mock shock and horror we feign surprise indignation even at what they’ve become while we carry on living our hollow lives an empty shell that needs to be stuffed with God and Nations Flags Religions Castes Tribes Ethnicities and yet we feign horror we plead ignorance

I like that. Pleading ignorance.

because it is true

words paltry meagre words that are just that ink on page binary on screen meaningless if not imbibed drunk soaked in absorbed lived breathed made love to lost hurt cried over beaten up

because nothing changes until we you I me him us her them she all of us the race the human race shun greed love one another repect tolerate at the very least each others uniqueness in this cosmos of unimaginable size our pallette our shared human night sky and just as the ancients spoke of the night sky as a blanket and the stars as being little holes in that blanket piercing through seemingly all-encompassing darkness so to may we know that the stars are suns like our own and that like all suns they too must flicker and fade and i dare say that if that cosmic connection, between the singular you me him she her and a star of immense mass, the shared fate of both star and me her him she you are essentially the same – to burn out and to have the embers spread through the oceans of emptiness that float between you her him she I and the  countless blazing suns – if this insane weird  worthless nugget of cosmic coincidence or not is not enough to keep us from tearing at each others throats perhaps then I shall concede defeat and yield to those who cling to hopelessness but not today

not at this moment

not now

not yet

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