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Victor Jara 1932 – 1973.

Victor Jara
1932 – 1973.

Trampled flowers sighed,
while your songs filled the skies.

All of nature trembled,
from the pampas to the desert sands,

the day they tried to silence your song.

That day,

all of nature rebelled,
each filament, all infinite strands,

for though they tried to strangle your song,

all that they could take,
were your hands.

Viva Victor Jara 

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

for victor jara … … …

​for Victor Jara …

his song rose,

above the stadium of death,
his voice rose,

with each tortured breath,
they broke his hands, you see,

the fascists,
tearing his guitar apart,

this man who sang of love,

and of solidarity,

and of peace,
they broke his hands into pieces,
to still the raging strumming,

the strumming that is heard today,
and will be heard tomorrow,
they broke his hands, you see,

pinochet and his thugs,


his song still rose,

high above the shanties,
across the plains,

infused in the soil of Chile,
his song rose,

his song rises still,
his song always will …

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