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passion in d-major

passion in d-major …

ragged, splintered,
velveteen gentleness,

swirling tongues of fire,
serenading sensuous brushstrokes,

on canvas,

whirling, afloat,
on an old bridge not far from where she used to live,

rising, imbued with life,
a symphonic crescendo,
of shared heartbeats,

fading between notes,

an orchestral rising,

conducting passion,
electric sparks flaming into musical echoes,

at the precipice,
beyond the rains,
of dazzling rainbow hues,

lost in void,

scalding the depths of rhyme,
ravaged by the endless song and dance and mime,


for a prolonged
bouquet of shared time … …

memories of Ma …

memories of Ma …

bygone yesterdays
ploughing through

wisps of time
rekindle memories

of days now long gone
of evenings filled with birdsong

my Ma calling me home

for warm roti
cardamom chai

( sigh )


our open sky

rippling strings
bound together

falling stars
murmured melodies

emblazoned across shared tapestries

alive with colours


softening the stings
of all that was

all that is

all that has been

the duality of time …


loves lives hearts
souls spirits selves …



a salve
a balm

in the end

there is always




dreams of you …

in dreams of you

your kisses slip


fluttering as petals do

washing over me
caressing away pain

as gentle as the jo’burg rain

The Hissing of Time …


time hisses,
the threat perennial,

needling sounds
stowed away,

silent …


time hisses,
the threat perennial.

Time bides its time,

stowed away,

silently knowing,

all that we shall all come to know,

in time …

Wasted Moments …

squandering moments,

precious, few,

lost in the twisting maze,


walk around in a inured daze …


by the by,

life’s moments sit idly by the wayside,

tiring of the inertia,

yearning to flap their unclipped wings,

into the soaring sky,

and …

liberated at last,

simply fly …

Your Whisper

You whispered in my ear,

a breathy secret, hushed.


“I love you”, you murmured.


I said nothing,

lost, in your arms,

I found a home. At last.


“I love you”, you said,

I said nothing,

lost in my thoughts,

I found peace. At last.


“I love you”, you said,

words failed me then.


They still do

I Stand, Alone

I stand, alone.

Scratching for my truths,
peeling away the veneer,

I stand, alone, before this
impregnable cliff so sheer.

Cocooned in my solitary shell,
wrenching a smile from a tear,

I stand, alone, a little odd,
and definitely quite queer.

I stand, alone.

The Sieve of Time

The Sieve of Time

Cast ashore,
along the banks of time,

whirling through the passing years,
clinging to futile scribbles set in rhyme,

Cast ashore,
thrust into an unrehearsed pantomime,

clenching slivers of joy as weariness descends,
lulled into a peaceful slumber exhilaratingly sublime.

Cast ashore,
hazily adrift, a dandelion seed on the wings of time,

trapped in the sieve of spiralling memories,
caught between pristine bliss, and reeking slime.

Cast ashore,
flung aside for no discernible crime,

my human heart thuds with elusive hope,
though battered, bruised and covered in grime,

I stagger ashore, alone,

embracing each moment of detached, oblivious time.

A Time Before This

Night creeps slowly in, easing through melted walls,
where random trysts quiver under a silver moon.

Numberless promises, oaths taken,
vows made only to be shattered,
into slivers of trust,
with each sliver swirling down,
into gutters filled with unheard cries.

Keeping your eyes open, wishing you were less pliant,
knowing that history rests on the other side,
where emotions are weapons,
where words are knives,
and soft caresses can wound,
where kisses can suffocate, where every dark shadow conjures up a melody woefully out of tune.

A life in limbo,
walking forward into a past of regrets,
fleeing the now while sipping on a bruised lip, draining foul images,
wiping away lingering doubts,
as you try to shriek,
hearing all nostalgia being snuffed out,
rattled by an exhausted love,
no longer tender whispers, more often than not vile disfiguring shouts.

Enough of self-pity,
to hell with introspection,
be gone idle moments,
mute nights,
tear-stained pillows, banishing it all to the other side,
while reclaiming what you once were deep inside, innocent and true,
naïve as ever,
when starry-eyed you listened,
all his promises that love would last forever.

Remember who that was, that brave question,
that sure answer,
remember that wide-eyed traveller,
that willing listener,
remember the smiling reflection in the mirror,
once free of pain,
of gloom.

Remember who you were,
to become who you must be,
and avert an imminent fast-approaching doom

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