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Billie Holiday by Banksy

… … … on cycles of trepidation,
on waves of flagellation,

galloping thoughts scatter,
misfiring synapses shatter,

twisted suspension of unbelief,
scorched neurons bereft of relief,

whistling tuneless solitary epics,
soon to be half forgotten relics,

my mind plunges,
my heart lunges,


scraping the veneer away,
revealing the emptiness of day,

succumbing to slumber,
soothing my meandering mind,

where thoughts no longer plunder,
and where my restless dreams,
are no more torn asunder … … …

talkin’ corneal-transplantation stitches blues …

in stitches,
tears stream down my cheek,

grains of sand sprinkle my eye,

( sigh )

a stitch in time,
may save nine,

but my lesson has been learned:

don’t get too big for my britches,

after all,

life has been kind,

even if it often leaves me in stitches …

The Good Native

may I never bow,

do the jig that’s expected of me,

a wind-up toy,

the good native who knows just how to act, talk,

how to be

the solitude of night …

Night gathers the shards of my splintering heart,

mending fractures.

Ever mindful,

that tomorrow may shred it all apart …



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