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A Slice of the Pie

A Slice of the Pie

“this earth was made a common treasury for all”*


as the tickers rise and fall

the suits spew silky soundbites about getting a slice of the pie

while the 99% are consoled


by promises of glorious hereafters


“you’ll get pie in the sky when you die”**

* – thanks to Billy Bragg
** – thanks to Joe Hill’s song ‘The Tramp’

The Markets Are Down 2% …

Banish the hubris,

Toss away the choice words,

Spoken by rotten, broken tongues.

Silence the chorus of appalled shock.

Shred the sermons,

Burn down the gory edifices:

The churches, mosques, temples,

And the muted Gods they mock.

Drain the sewage.

Flush away the insidious odour,

Seeping up from malls, homes, carnivals.

Put it in a closet and weld the key in the lock.

Shut it all off.

Turn out the lights.

Pull the damned plug …

… but hold on to that blue-chip stock

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