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incoherent (like life)

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incoherent (like life) …

… slipping through empty breaths sliding down on bent knees scraping raw flesh against cold skin hollow kisses falling to the desolate floor swept up discarded trashed recycled churned out strewn littered alongside barricaded hearts yearning to feel again to touch to taste to ache to be human once more to know to believe that one can feel that one can hear and see and dig beneath the veneer of sophisticated tinny smiles flinging around casually barbed words meant to jab gnawing at the core of all that makes us human the sting of tears the taste of salt the dripping red bleeding off roses in quaint gardens pruned to perfection yet dead inside numbed into comfortable complacency as the world turns threatening the linearity of time that prays for returns while this heart this soul this being within the cauldron of palpable loss simply burns …

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Comrade Nelson Mandela and my father sometime in the 1950s or early 1960s

Comrade Nelson Mandela and my father sometime in the 2000s

Comrade Nelson Mandela and I – Stockholm Sweden mid 1990

farewell to Nelson Mandela 5th December 2013 – written on 5th December 2013.




Today, as our thoughts and tears and love flow to our beloved President Nelson Mandela,

We, human-beings the world over,

say thank you, Madiba!

Thank you for your life, a life of principle,
a life of struggle,
of torture, of pain, of loss,

of a selflessness that you have embodied so completely.

In this often cold and callous world,

where we have been jaded by war, by intolerance, by racism, prejudice, and so so much economic and social injustice,

your living spirit shall live on!

your body, that has endured so so much,

your heart, your mind, your very self, which injustice and tyranny tried so hard to break,

shines on!

Your spirit shines and shall be the torch that we, your children the world over,

shall carry forward …

you may be struggling for life today,

but you have breathed life,

into the hearts of countless downtrodden people this world over.

I don’t know what to say,

my heart breaks today,

I want to cry, and I am crying now,

with a sense of loss and of sadness that I have felt when my mother passed away,

I cry for my loss, selfishly,

but I know you have walked the long walk to freedom,

the long and arduous walk from struggle and sacrifice to healer and peacemaker and statesman and father, yes,

father to us all …

I will miss you, My father,

I will miss your comforting presence,

I shall miss your smile,

and mostly I shall miss the gentle solace that you imbibed in us all,

your children the world over …

Live on, you shall, Madiba!

In the shacks of the Sowetos of the world, you shall live on in that eternal quest for economic freedom,

in the eyes of the pained and tortured,

you shall live on!

in the whispered prayers,

the silent thoughts,

of the dispossessed of this world who still continue to be left behind in this cruel world,

you shall live on!

Thank you, Nelson Mandela, as you make your way to join the ancestors.

Hamba Kahle* Comrade President Nelson Rolihlahla “Madiba” Mandela!

Travel well, and go peacefully

* – Hamba Kahle – an isiXhosa and isiZulu term meaning “travel well” – often used when bidding someone farewell, but in the Apartheid South African context is was meant to bid farewell to fallen comrades

Comrade Nelson Mandela voting for the first time 27th April 1994

A Poem – Nelson Mandela Centenary (1918 – 2018)

Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela walked amongst us not long ago.

A man of action forged in the crucible of resistance.

Resistance against racial discrimination.

Resistance against injustice.

Resistance against oppression.


Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela walked amongst us not long ago.

A man burnished in the furnace of struggle.

Struggle to defeat the crime against humanity that was Apartheid.

Struggle against the obscene notions of racial superiority.

Struggle against the scourge of hate.


Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela walked amongst us not long ago.

A human being who personified kindness.

A human being who embodied humility.

A human being who exemplified the unity of our human race.


Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela walked amongst us not long ago.

A man of peace, and a man who fought the just fight.

A man of forgiveness, and a man who battled the Apartheid regime for the need of taking responsibility for the heinous crimes of the past.

A man of truth, and a man of humane love.


Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela walked amongst us not long ago.

He was of flesh and of blood, and he shed his blood as he endured the lashes of the whip on his flesh.

He was of flesh and of blood, and he fought ferociously against the suppression of his fellow human beings.

He was of flesh and of blood, and he emerged with dignity from the hell of twenty-seven years of imprisonment on an island of tyranny.


Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela walked amongst us not long ago.

He was a man of a steely will in the long cause to rid all oppressed people from the yoke of colonialism, he picked up arms and fought the honourable fight.

He was a man of fiery resolve against the scourge of divisiveness, he was at the forefront in the battles against human subjugation and indignity.


Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela walked amongst us not long ago.

Madiba was a revolutionary, in the trenches against the obscenity of poverty and deprivation.

Madiba was a soldier, on the ground in the service of the most vulnerable, the children of this world.

Madiba was unshakeable, and he lived the example of the committed revolutionary and the dignified statesman.


Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela walked amongst us not long ago.


Our beloved Madiba does not walk amongst us anymore.

And yet, Nelson Rolihlahla ‘Madiba’ Mandela lives within us.

Madiba lives in the streams that flow into the rivers that flow into the oceans.

Madiba lives in the winds that blow across the vast lands of Africa and beyond.

Madiba lives in the thud-thudding of heartbeats around our world.

Madiba lives in the veins where the blood flows through our common human form.

Madiba lives!

Madiba will always live!

with Comrade and President Nelson Mandela at tjr Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg early 2008

She and I*

She, and I* …

I met her in another time,

the bus-stop sheltering us from the slicing hail,

I smiled, she did too,

as the wind screeched a shrilly wail.

Our bus splashed us with mud and we laughed,

we were never ones for fashion,

the books we carried were our escape,

the books were our world, our warmly hugged passion.

I asked her if we could sit together and she said yes,

we were two awkward souls,

both uncomfortable in our very own dark holes.

Our friendship blossomed in that unforgettable spring,

that humid year of lashing rain,

we talked and we laughed, we cried and we screamed,

we hollered at the world, wildly bellowing out our shared pain.

We were never a couple, we did not hold hands, we did not kiss,

we talked of escape from this place of emptiness so bleak,

and at times we just shared the silence,

no words needed to speak.

She was my anchor, and she said I was her balm, we shared a love of a different hue, as we danced in the monsoon rain,

our tears mingling with our gnawing pain.

We laughed as we shared the stories of our lives,

we sat quietly when we knew we had to leave,

we knew the knife of our present sliced souls, and like butter, into hearts did cleave.

We stood in the open expanse,

we cried, wishing each other good luck,

that one day so many moons ago,

and still,


at this moment,

my tears flow …


* – inspired by the Keane song “Sovereign Light Café


Sovereign Light Cafe, Bexhill-on-Sea

Buchenwald Concentration Camp (1979)

walking towards horror,
my seven year old eyes,

were sewn open on that day at Buchenwald.

the reeking stench of death
was by now,
lost to the winds,

and ahead,

stood Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

Never Again!

we have said,
over and over,

and over and over,
but, but,

as Erich Fried* wrote,

it happened,

it is happening now,

and it will go on happening if nothing is done to stop it from ever happening again**


* Erich Fried 1921 – 1988.


** taken from and inspired by Erich Fried’s poem “What Happens”


Artwork by Banksy

peace and equality?

when greed poisons our waters, tainting pristine nature,

when jingoism infects our minds, eroding our shared humanity,

when fanaticism corrodes our vision, seeds of division are sown,

when oppression lashes people, hate is nourished,

when prejudice spews vile invective, walls emerge between humanity,

when science is derided by obscurantism, we take a collective step backwards,

when love is bartered, emotions decay,

when flim-flam glitz is coveted, humane sentiments are sold into apathy,

when the pursuit of wealth at any cost is craved, far too many get left by the wayside,

when wars-for-profit are unleashed, killing innocents, the terror of makeshift bombs kill innocents,

when tolerance, not acceptance is preached, crevasses crisscross this common earth,

when far too many are left to scrounge for food, for dignity, the far too few are complicit,

when doctrines of us and them are promulgated, the body of the human race is splintered,

when poverty stalks the night, while slimey ostentation rules the day,

you and i,

him and her,

us all,

are dispassionately wrenched apart,

when clean drinking water is a luxury, while numberless golf courses are irrigated, the parched earth trembles,

when food is dumped to maintain profit margins, while countless stomachs never cease to rumble,

we have all failed each other.


Artwork by Banksy

just you, just me

Artwork from Google

just you, just me … 

i cannot walk this path alone, my footsteps dragging on desolate cobblestone,

so very distant from you, my dear, enmeshed in this straightjacket of fear.

so let me dream of us on some idyllic shore,

together at last,

alone no more,

our bare feet tickled by the ebbing tide,

at peace with each other,

side by side.

let us meet on that distant beach,

where joy beckons us within reach,

to a place where we truly live,

not just cope,

where crimson horizons infuse us with hope.

let us to that place of peace flee,

together at last,

just you,

just me …

Artwork from Google


Ode to Gaza …

We seal our mouths,
lips sewn shut, the complicity hushed,

furiously wagging silent tongues shushed,

mute, impotent,
the deafening silence apalls,

while we build more and more walls.

Still we remain mute,

human beings, all,
helplessly desolate,

mowed down each day while our sewn lips remain shushed,

and as the forgotten petals of weeping olives,

are strewn about,

brutally crushed …

Parallel Lines …

Strange are parallel lines,

destined never to meet,

two hearts, aflame, thud-thudding to the same beat.

Seeking little,

not wealth nor title,

some tenderness, comforting solace,

sipping love from her eyes’ chalice.

Parallel lines,

we may be,

bound never to meet,

seeking peace, love, another soul with whom to share this lifes’ smiles, tears,

each days’ hopes,

the nights’ fears.

Parallel lines we are,

though we may never meet,

you breathe beauty into every breath i breathe, 

as i yearn for you, only you,

in every heartbeat.

momentary slides

Artwork from Google

momentary slides,

of lifes’ exquisite times,

at times,

dusted, burnished,

shedding the weight, baggage,
of random strings,

at once,

flinging me opposite you,

in a dream i relished,
not long ago,
so know this, if nothing else,

those moments within me reside,
today, now,

as timely as the coming in of each dawns tide … …

Artwork from Google

a quote by my father, Moosa “Mosie” Moolla, at an exhibition of Anti-Apartheid t-shirts during the long struggle against Apartheid




quote by my father Mosie Moolla at an exhibition here in Johannesburg on the power of the political t-shirt in tbe struggle against Apartheid

Comrade Nelson Mandela and my father in Johannesburg – mid or late 1950s

a much younger me with President Nelson Mandela – Stockholm, Sweden Summer 1990

Under Starless Skies

Under starless skies,
beneath the waning moon,
streaks of drying tears,
whisper away all your fears.

May your mornings to come be peaceful,
may the coming days be filled with light,
may what has passed be in the past,
so that the future may have brighter moments that may last.

In silences filled with reflection,
your thoughts may linger back,
to times that were harsh,


may your heart always guide you,
away from memories so blue.

And when you find your feet again,
when you walk tall once more,
keep your soul and nourish it well,
and if the past rears its poisoned self,
be brave and tell them all to go to hell.

you are worthy of so much better,
without the feelings of being beat down,

you’re exhausted of being strong,
when it was they who did you wrong.

You will grow,
in spirit,
in strength,
in believing in yourself yet again,

for you must never, ever, find yourself out alone, in the cold, slicing rain.

Life will go on, memories will fade,
faces will blur, scars will heal,
and above all else, you will stand upright,

Never, ever again,

will you bow and kneel.

So go with the pureness that is wrapped in your heart,
and hush the voices of doom,

and know that when one rose withers,
another one must also bloom

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