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a legend has passed.

the father of rock ‘n’ roll is no more.

from the deep south of the KKK,

from the backwaters of Jim Crow,

Chuck Berry fused the songs of the oppressed, the blues, with his own genius, as he danced his duckwalk in well-trodden shoes. 

Chuck Berry may be no more, yet his name shall resound, his music shall live on, this much we can tell,

for Chuck made music just like ringin’ a bell …

Rest in Peace, Legend

for Chuck Berry (1926 – 2017)


fellow concerteers


'The Claw' & I (13-2-2011 Jo'burg)


U2 360 Tour South Africa 2011

for Nelson Mandela and for Dr. Martin Luther King … … … S I N G !

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