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howling moons, broken teaspoons,

cajole me back, to the track,

the path i tread, sans fear sans dread,

this death row shell, a barren cell,

twisting and torn, of all humanity shorn,

a living being, passing through this world unseeing,

left in rags to rot at the curb of the road,

where golden chariots roam and forever rode,

gleaming high heels, covet greed-wheedlin’ deals,

tossin’ a few spares in the outstretched cup,

to the dregs strewn across the way,

digging for something on which to sup,

while off on silken robes we fly, far from the inconvenient 99%,

we are complicit, all of us, you and i,

high on up into the golden sky,

where the promise of paradise waits, stalks, preys,

on this highway of hurt, and on many doleful by-ways,

but still, yet, through it all im stuck in this shell, this cell,

and though this scribbled rhyme was written in joburg city, where i do dwell,

if Woody were here, he’d yank us all,

out from our apathetic, banal hell.

“first they came for the _____” ( Mr. Trump, fill in the blanks )


then they came for the. ______________

( fill in the blanks, Mr. Trump )

be careful,
the extremists appear to be on the ascendancy,

the brutal murderers of daesh and the neonazi drivel of trump,

so be careful: guard your mind,

never forget,

always remember:

“first they came for the Communists …”*

* – Pastor Martin Niemoller


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