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focus | blur | the void

anchored by guilt,

echoes of promise snuffed out in the frigid air,

guilt hurls its snarl my way,

remember this and remember that,

as tears fail to fall,

from dry eyes,
weakened by the fight,

the unending skirmishes,



gushing hope,

for a few more tidbits of light

peace | love | uBuntu

The Fickle Cog …

broken rays of sunlight pierce through the casket of night,

murmurs of gentle persuasion echo within a tormented soul,

the respite from nights’ smothering,

sneaks between the gathering smog,

urging the faltering spirits of this tormented soul to rise up from the clingy bog,

and in rising,

liberating this soul from the desolation of being a phony, fickle cog …

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