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compassionate capitalism 101.

stemming the loss

dripping red
arterial spray


amidst anaesthetised shades
of souls once alive

dancing under pale moonlight

pausing only for cauterisation
of too many wounds

dripetty-drip ceases

consciences lobotomised

and as it has been
and as it is now
and as it may be

numb faces

tango deeper
into the hollowness

the cacophonous void

signed and sealed

of deals done

souls sold on
profitable leases.

Port of Call Redux aka Pretentious-ness-ness …

sailing between
sprinkled kisses


under swaying moonlight

bathed by whispering palms
on that talcum beach

that talcum-powder beach forever drenched by the rivers of my dreams


the open seas of parched memories
famished souls
soiled by desperation
hearing nothing

nothing at all
but the vultures ravenous call …

… so come on, dear friend, take my hand in yours ( metaphorically speaking if nothing else ) and let’s walk back to that talcum caressed beach of dreams

with you it is all

and without you

perhaps forever more
in some quiet corner

deep within the core of your heart

shall always be
deeply anchored
my very all

my final port of call


Port of Call

scribbles & rhymes

scribbles & rhymes

kind words
skewered over baking cobblestones

littering the streets of shameful cries

all caught in frozen sunlight

catatonic amidst cavernous avenues
silenced screams echo across each thorny boulevard …

traversing rivers of tears drowned in an ocean of fears

choked by the noose bound tight held captive by endless night

walking and walking

between pillars of apathy veiled behind doors of hollow solace

trampling consciences deadened by malice dripping blood from a golden chalice

into the reeking sewers of feigned morality where it’s all about the deals that get struck

while we eat drink buy


ps: to skewer a line from the film ‘Apocalypse Now’,

‘ we drop napalm on children and yet we can’t use the word “fuck” because that’s obscene ‘

Who Killed the Marikana Miners?*

who killed the miners at Marikana?

definitely not the executive

nor the executives
far removed from the grime
and the slime

Who killed the miners at Marikana?

not the Prez
and not even the Press for a change


so who killed the miners at Marikana?

the unions perhaps
or the errant miner
led astray

in that obscene demand for better pay

who killed the miners at Marikana?

not armed cops,
firing bullets of lead into the back of the head

execution-style it’s been said

who killed the miners at Marikana?

it seems no one can be found

as bodies decompose deep under gold dust ground

while families grieve

ain’t no one around to take the fall

who killed the Marikana Miners?

no one

no one at all

* inspired by the protest song “Who Killed Davey Moore”, a topical song written in 1963 by American folk singer/songwriter Bob Dylan.

kleptocratic ungovernance …

the 1%.

snouts deep,
buried alive,

all conscience excised,

seeking more,
always seeking more.

the 99%.

shrivelled shadows,
tucked away under underpasses,

seeking enough,
always seeking just enough.

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