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Port of Call Redux aka Pretentious-ness-ness …

sailing between
sprinkled kisses


under swaying moonlight

bathed by whispering palms
on that talcum beach

that talcum-powder beach forever drenched by the rivers of my dreams


the open seas of parched memories
famished souls
soiled by desperation
hearing nothing

nothing at all
but the vultures ravenous call …

… so come on, dear friend, take my hand in yours ( metaphorically speaking if nothing else ) and let’s walk back to that talcum caressed beach of dreams

with you it is all

and without you

perhaps forever more
in some quiet corner

deep within the core of your heart

shall always be
deeply anchored
my very all

my final port of call


Port of Call

In the solitary depth of night,

as dreams whisper forgotten lies,

memories murmur,
desires nibble,
passions simmer,

between the embers,
of sweetly burnt eyes.

As dawn’s breath cascades,

skimming over the borders of my hapless heart,

my eyes finally surrendering to slumber, peaceful and deep,

leaving me,

to dream of you,

dreaming,  asleep.

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