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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

a repost:

A Tribute.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

(1929 – 1968)


    You had a dream, of pastures of peace,

    where children of all hues mingle like rainbows.


    They silenced you, yet your dream
    resounds louder still,

    in pastures not yet of peace,

    where children of all hues mingle like rainbows.


    You said that you had been to the mountain top,

    they tried to strangle your voice as you saw the promised land,

    those pastures of peace,

    where children of all hues mingle like rainbows.


    Today your dream is glimpsed in pastures,

    not yet of peace,

    for though they tried to silence your voice,

    your spirit in our collective hearts does rejoice.


    Your spirit, your dream,

    mingles in the winds of all those pastures,

    over the valleys, in the oceans, across the mountains,

    in every flowing stream.


    Today, your dream lives in the wind,

    seeding the prairies, the steppes, the savannahs, the pampas,

    pastures of peace,

    where children of all hues mingle like rainbows.


    We remember you today,

    with a shared pledge to nourish those pastures of peace,

    in each of us,

    where your dream may thrive,

    blossoming into our shared dream,

    bounteous, and alive.


    Your dream realised shall then seem,

    where children of all hues mingle like rainbows,

    when we give life to the promise of the radiance of your beautiful dream.

    Memories of Mandela 1994

    Memories of 1994


    The shackles have been cast off.

    Chains broken.

    People once squashed,

    under the jackboot of Apartheid,

    are free.

    Free at last!

    Freedom came on the 27th day in that April, 1994.

    Freedom from prejudice.

    From institutionalised racism.

    From being relegated to second-class citizens.

    Freedom came and we danced.

    We cried.

    We ululated as we elected our revered Madiba.

    President Nelson Mandela.

    Our very own beloved ‘Madiba’.

    Black and white and brown and those in-between,

    All hues of this rainbow nation,

    rejoiced as we breathed in the air of freedom and democracy.

    Today we pause.

    We remember.

    We salute.

    The brave ones whose sacrifices made this day possible,

    on that 27th day of April,

    23 years ago.

    Today we dance.

    We sing.

    We ululate.

    We cry.

    Tears of joy and tears of loss.

    Of remembrance and of forgiveness.

    Of harsh memories.

    Today we pause.

    We acknowledge the tasks ahead.

    The hungry.

    The naked.

    The destitute.

    Today we must reaffirm,

    that promise of freedom.

    From want.

    From racism that thrives still.

    From hunger.

    From eyes without promise.

    Today we also reflect on unfulfilled promises.

    On the proliferation of greed.

    On the blurring of the ideals of freedom.

    Today we say
    We will take back the dream.

    We will renew the promise.

    We will not turn away.

    Today we pledge:

    To stand firm.

    To keep the pressure turned on.

    To remind those in the corridors of power,

    that we the people need to savour the fruits of the tree of freedom*

    And till that time,

    when all shall share in the bounty of democracy,

    We shall remain vigilant,

    and strong.

    And we shall continue,

    to struggle.

    And to sing out loud:

    “We shall overcome” …



    * – last words of freedom fighter Solomon Mahlangu  – executed by the Apartheid regime.

    A M A N D L A !

    N G A W E T H U !


    With apologies to W.H. Auden …

    ( for W.H. Auden )

    tomorrow for the grueling work to begin,

    the rebuilding of trust,

    the sweat and the toil.

    tomorrow for reflection,

    the search for a new beginning, the hard tasks that lie in wait.

    tomorrow for the farmers to till the land,

    for the teachers to share free knowledge to all.

    tomorrow for the effort,

    to strive to build a new nation, to shake off the weight and the burdens of the past.

    tomorrow for all of that …

    but today,


    the gleeful, joyous, teary-eyed celebration of freedom …

    when tyrants tremble : Zimbabwe

    When Tyrants Tremble …

    when tyrants tremble,

    at the fury of those who tremble no more,

    their veneer of stability seems rotten to the core.

    when the trembling ones shake off their long-hushed fear,

    the trembling ones,

    tremble now with a rage that injustice everyone can hear.

    when tyrants tremble,

    as the dispossessed shake their foundations of tyrannical conceit,

    tyrants tremble,

    when the common ones expose the phantoms of tyranny’s deceit.

    when the trembling ones

    refuse to be cowed and bowed and beaten down again,

    the trembling ones,

    scream their vehemence as they have little to lose and freedom and dignity to gain.

    when tyrants tremble,

    their trembling resounds and echoes around the world,

    tyrants tremble,

    in far-flung tyrannies,

    as the peoples’ flag is unfurled.

    and finally when the trembling ones,

    take back the citadels, the streets, the squares, and the parks,

    the trembling ones,

    send a message to power that revolutions may be triggered by the merest of livid sparks.

    and that tyranny may reign for a decade or a generation or even two,

    but tyranny must eventually succumb to the rage of the common ones,

    that seemingly appears suddenly out of the bright clear blue.

    this isn’t a warning or a threat or a declaration of ill intent,

    this is a sober lesson in history for the peoples’ history with oppressive stasis can never be content.

    when tyrants tremble,

    they should know that there will someday come a trembling surprise,

    for the garbage heap of history patiently awaits each tyrant’s wretched demise …

    Zimbabwe 21st November 2017

    Zimbabwe 21st November 2017 …

    And When the People Rise!

    and when the people rise


    of being bludgeoned

    by the jackboot of suppression


    the demand is simple




    for the better


    not the hollow, empty rhetoric of ‘freedom’

    heard in the corridors of power


    the demand is simple




    for the better


    a better life

    devoid of the tyranny of rampant power

    without the imposition of mores and norms

    free of the shackles of the party-line

    the religious diktat

    the militaristic hammer


    and when the people rise


    by the ceaseless abuse of power

    as the old-guard refuses to see the writing scrawled across the wall




    a simple demand


    for the better


    a better life

    for the living and for the ones still to be born


    the writing scrawled across the wall, and walls across the world


    is simple




    for the better

    a new way to forge the future

    with fresh ideas and the opening up of the boulevards

    of opportunity for those who have remained outside for too long


    and when the people rise


    of the promise of a new dawn

    the future is a blank-slate lying amidst the debris


    for if the rising of the people


    a beginning may be written anew

    out of the seed of change which into a tree of promise grew


    a new beginning may be written afresh

    with the values of simple humanity and gentle tolerance

    so that what has passed and what has been endured may never

    be visited again on those to come, and on those who bear the wounds on their flesh


    for when the rising of the people


    the road ahead may be fraught with thorns and more pain

    for change is pock-marked with the scars of the past, and the memories do indeed remain


    so when the rising of the people


    the hope is for the common good, for the tolerance of the one and of all


    the hope is for a better, more just today, and a tomorrow where the ideals of justice and of truth are firmly rooted, never to be shaken


    the hope is that in the name of peace and humanity, may the new oath be taken …

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