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fitting in,
acceptably hushed,

alienation photoshopped, airbrushed …

at home ?

not this rolling stone,
bruising my rattled self to the bone,

enveloped by walls,
as each evening falls,

shivering as desolate morning dawns,

painted smile,
shushing rising bile,

my fatigued soul yawns,
a being who fawns:

the perennial exile … … …



The Interrupted Vision …

Straining to see,

the hummingbird that whispers,

the blade of grass that murmurs,

the fattened drops of summer rain,


Yearning to see,

that solitary palm on a long abandoned beach,

the coquettish ocean embracing the retreating sun,

the momentary mirth of a teasing twilight,


Aching to see,

that promise of hope,

as light fades,

flickering faintly,

in my unseeing eyes…

life, love, & sweetly aching blues …

caught red-handed,

stealing moments,

a mere nanosecond,

of hastily borrowed time …

I stand accused,

of a past,

pockmarked by shrapnel skidding off the many alleyways of life …

I plead guilty,

naked and stripped bare,

engaged in a duel with destiny and time,



wasting away,

scribbling verses in the sand,

devoid of an iota of life’s maddening,


Irresistibly seductive rhyme …

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