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as still as innocence

when im broken

all my conceit


then he’ll know

the hopes stifled

hushed shushed

though still
as still as innocence


incoherent hope …

art breathes hope…

flourishes on canvas,

tasting a palette of oils,

perhaps echoes of earthy hues,

dusty charcoal,

leaving stains that don’t run,

while while the while …

savouring the warmth,
from a faraway sun,

softens fingertips,

caresses hues,

sheds crimson tears,

like rainbows swirling,

greys on haggard parchment,

while while the while …

the artist feels hopelessness recede,

breathing in a peace,
a stillness,



alive with hope,

as time retreats,
its swagger lost,

while while the while …

art and artist,

eternally clasped,
healing a shared pain,

wrapped in the warmth of each unit of time,

offering hope,

to still,


dream of travels along teasing trails of sugarey stars,

just out of reach,

slipping through entwined fingers,

above us all,

in our shared common sky,

as artist and art,

become one,

in the eternal second,

whispering away tears,

with hope dispelling,

all doubt,

all fears.

The Paths we Weave

The Paths we Weave …

Walking alone,

on these meandering paths this life weaves,

weathering the nudges and the tugs of destiny and of fate,

I have walked alone for many a mile,

but not today,

for today,

I weave through alleyways of solitude,

rinsing my cobwebbed memories,

seeking to steer my path,


so that this pathway of life may lead me to you,

where my only hope is that I am not too late,

as I place my soul at your hearts’ gate …

The Nearest Exit

The Exit …

… discarding memories,
suffocating in nostalgia’s throttling grip,

I flee, moment by moment,
away from the now,

seeking, yearning,

chasing phantom clouds of promise,

coveting shrouded whispers of hope,

seducing empty vessels of belonging,

I flee, moment by moment,
away from the now,

seeking, yearning,

lost, alone, torn,

slowly crawling to the nearest exit

A Promise of Love

Sprinkling kisses,
on dusty lips,


knots of desire,
twist beneath the veneer.

A yearning heart,
dipped in a blazing cauldron,

knows not,
the coolness of the dew,

settling on the dawn petals,
lonesome as a solitary tear.

Cast away, floating,
adrift on the waters of fate,

I catch,
at last,

a glimpse of love.

Fleeting, impermanent,

poised to take flight,

to soar,
into the great blue sky,

while alone,

I feel the tugging need,

of surrendering to the ocean,

embracing the unknown,
in a slow dance.

A tango with truth, and with unshackled love,

as the dice rolls,

with the intoxicating promise,

that final chance

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