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on forgetting

on forgetting.

these days, these nights,
slicing to the core,
momentary joys, buoys,

merely afloat as beacons,
for lost travellers on the waters,

in flight,

holding on,
onto, clutching close,

clichés aside,
holding on for dear life,

while days turn into more nights,

nights into years,

passing us by:

ground down on rehashed tales,

finally, feeling the waft of fresh air,

knowing at last, at last,

the past would really, truly,
be the past

for delhi

for delhi
( meri dilli meri jaan)


in anticipation,
of a touch, a caress,

something tugs, straining,

luring me,
back through the smoky mists of bygone days,

magically transporting me,

my memory,

to monsoon drenched days in ol’ delhi town,

your hand in mine,
hidden in plain sight,

lost in the starburst,
of many a shared diwali night,

summers of,

‘borrowed’ scooters,

gol-gappas in the connaught rain,

bicycle rides to the melas,

rewinding that one song over and over again,

after racing to your home:

(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight.

and i have been dying a bit,
little each day,

since you,
& i,

journeyed as we all must,

you, remaining stoic, still,


i make my own way …

warning: lame-assery ahead

talkin’ poor eyesight blues …

straining to see
woods from trees
birds from bees

while by the by
sanity flees

a-leavin’ meself barely afloat on sympathy-seeking seas

cast adrift

a plastic bag
swept hither and thither
across the blurry breeze
(apologies to Katy Perry, if you’d please)

while by the by
eye sees

darkness encroaching jabbing needling
shoving me down

to my knees

while by the by
the noose of ‘accursed vision-soon-to-cease’

begins to tighten
and to squeeze

the livin’ daylights out of the few dim strands of sanity thats still a-left in my ‘higher faculties’

while by the by
I’m jus’ talkin’ poor eyesight blues

and I jus’ wanna be that guy
who for once
gets a kinda

‘premium-back if unclaimed for x number of years’ deal for his oft-unpaid dues

who scores loads of ‘sympathy-sex’ as I play the clearly disturbed yet disturbingly good-lookingly blindingly charmingly soon-to-possibly-be sightless fellow who is ridin’ the giddy waves of gladly accepted & much-welcomed ‘oh my I’m so sorries’

while by the by
the truth concedes

and by the by
the light recedes …

nb: the above is a ‘work’ lol of fiction, & thusly, any at all exact or approximate sentiments expressed above bear no resemblance whatsoever, exactly and approximately, to any person/s, livin’ or dead, you scheme?

dead as in its curtains.



In your Eyes #5

may your gentle all-embracing warmth,

be forever by your side,

and may you always walk the soft beaches of destiny, at the coming in of the tide …

May life shower you with love and laughter and truth and peace and health,

as your generosity of spirit remains a wellspring of your ceaseless human wealth.

May your dreams be boundless as they soar through hopeful skies,

the hopeful skies that I see,

in the chocolatey universe of whipped cream delights,

that reside,


in your beautiful eyes …

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