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qwerty lovey-doveyness …

if they ever ask
tell them i had to leave

my blazer collar high
bittersweet pain tugging at my sleeve

if they ask
tell them i needed to hide away

from myself at times

through bleak nights
leeching each day

while all the while
scribbling a dream

( typed
auto-corrected )

on virtual parchment

( qwerty )

when virtual tears

from stillest pond
to torrential stream …

only you will know
and i will gladly laugh along

ill say my stale jokes
ill (try to be at least lol) try to be charming

maybe not too classy
but with a not-too shabby sense of humour

and that is always what they like

but even so

at the end of it all

you will still know

and i shall be grateful
that you know

knowing too
that you always knew …

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