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been a long time walkin’
my long tongues been a-talkin’

blistering my feet
slipping and slidin’ down church street

lookin’ for a job
with decent pay

and here’s what all the signs say
ain’t no jobs round here today

so keep on a-walkin’
and a-talkin’

braggin’ and a-baggin’
yappin’ and a-waggin’

knowing there ain’t no place
that’ll bear my kinda face

cos’ i know there’ll never be
home for a-hobblin’ one like me …


Parched and thirsty

trudging through

soul-less alleys

of want and hunger


empty and barren

coarsing through

heartless streets

of need and despair


change will come

said the promise

change in time

will come


what remains of the promise

but the scratching through

of bulging pockets


for a little change

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