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Why does the sun dry up cascading, perennial tears,

slipping down the coarse cheeks of a million hushed fears,

where all are scalded when the searing fog clears,

while prayers are mutely spoken as the end nears.

We shatter and scrape on delusional knees,

blindly scrounging for mercy as it apathetically flees,

searching listlessly for a salvation frozen in the frigid breeze,

spitting at the soft petals suffocated by a gasping wheeze,

I know now what I need never have known,

of hope that was trampled before it had flown,

into a wasted sky filled with hate that could drown,

the sniggering of the crowd and the sobs of the clown.

A hope so fragile with wings of brittle glass,

ripping away the veneer off the sewers of class,

twisting the fabric of the weighed and huddled mass,

who numbly wait hoping that this too might pass.

For when shards of hope in hearts scurry away,

to a darkened night callous to many a stray,

perhaps then sewn eyes shall behold that doleful day,

when all shall tear at each other while at each other we continue to bray,

Deadened souls may wander the desolate street,

for a lifting of the veil of wilful deceit,

wrapped up in flags, religious snobbery, and a jingoism swollen with conceit,

while humanity’s  limbs splinter in the claws of compassionate defeat,

the drums of war tolling for the ill-fated who chose never to retreat.

From that drenched battle-ground where blood flows through a sieve,

where love’s lost song plaintively begs for a reprieve,

from eternal loss which into raw emotion does cleave,

only to slip through fingers like grains of sand,

and silently leave.

talkin’ self-loathing blues …

I’ve been walking,
and a-talkin’

ramblin’ & rollin’

through deserted streets flowing with tears

down cobwebbed alleyways reeking of fears

just a-yakkin’ and a-scribblin’ these paltry rhymes

no absolution on sale at this carousel of blood-soaked crimes

just a-screamin’ that my tongue is fractured, broken

penitence perhaps for splintered words spoken

yes just ramblin’ along,

at ease at last

free of the shackles that bind my heart

crawlin’ on stage,
fatigued by this, my well-rehearsed part

dismissing clouds of promise

shredding whispered iloveyous

burning yesteryears struggles

denying my past as nonsensical farce

caught in a rat-trap
the walls closin’ in

tossin’ what’s left of me into fates’ dustbin

talkin’ too much as ever,

scribbling meagre rhymes to quell the mania

flowin’ in my veins like noxious poison

ramblin’ & a-rollin’ along

a doleful dirge for the paths I have chosen

shattering to pieces emotions frigid and a-frozen

just a-trippin’ through this circus parade,

seeking nothing much

‘cept the shelter of the shade

yet the paths wind
casting me adrift

on an ocean of tears
alone and at sea

squinting through blinded eyes that no longer can see

the pain etched on my own face

a wretched immigrant never knowing its place

so I keep ramblin’ and a-rollin’ along

bleeding out from a million cuts

always on the outside lookin’ in

while they dance and drink and cackle and fuck

leaving me to wallow

mired in the muck

so I ramble and roll and stagger through

discarding sentiments that once burned so true

suckling on apathy under skies of plastic blue

squinting through a foggy blur

life sprints past jabbing and a-pokin’

its parting words a venomous slur

whispered in a  sickly sweet cacophonous murmur

I stand alone

a vacuum now fickle


I ramble and roll

searching for a sliver of a moment without desolation

without sorrow


as I stagger along as I ramble and follow

the one constant




hope for a less savage tomorrow …

(for Pete, Huddie, Woody)

peace | love | uBuntu

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