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no blue monday for you

no blue monday for you

when tears moisten your eyes
and the horizons seem leaden
weighed down by grey skies


and life seems like a sad circus
a comical convergence of fates

may you always

pause …
remember …

you are human too

you feel

deep in your marrow
your entire being through

the sting of griefs fire
the ache of unquenched desire


felt true
within you

Wasted Moments …

squandering moments,

precious, few,

lost in the twisting maze,


walk around in a inured daze …


by the by,

life’s moments sit idly by the wayside,

tiring of the inertia,

yearning to flap their unclipped wings,

into the soaring sky,

and …

liberated at last,

simply fly …

The Paths we Weave

The Paths we Weave …

Walking alone,

on these meandering paths this life weaves,

weathering the nudges and the tugs of destiny and of fate,

I have walked alone for many a mile,

but not today,

for today,

I weave through alleyways of solitude,

rinsing my cobwebbed memories,

seeking to steer my path,


so that this pathway of life may lead me to you,

where my only hope is that I am not too late,

as I place my soul at your hearts’ gate …

Wrestling fragmented memories as they scurry away,

into the broken arms of a fate that scoffs at the dying of this day…

All these scribbled words left to rot under a bleeding moon,

sweeping the emptiness into the fabric of a night so bitterly hewn…

Teasing tomorrows tantalise and tempt,

down alleys of silently breathing contempt…

I stand alone, pummelled by destiny’s torrential rain,

laughing at the insanity that has kept me sane…

I look all around me, and my unseeing eyes behold,

a billion shattered souls left out in the numbing cold…

So walk with me, for a while,

let us leave this place of pain with a weary smile…

We will walk these dead streets hand in hand,

we may be fractured, but together we will always stand…

With you by my side, I banish the hurt, the pain, the tears,

and I smile, as I bid a long, overdue adieu,

to all my desolate years,

and all my paralysing fears.

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