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yesteryears whispers …

yesteryears whispers,
murmured promises,

ashen hopes,
scattered amidst the detritus,

of a life wasted away,
stumbling out of one and into another hazy day,

even though my heart still blazes,

my soul aflame,
my spirit revived,

burning bright,

dispelling trepidation,
regretful pained memories,

to be left behind,
at long last,

surrendered to departing night …

panning through marshes of  twisted roots,

scrounging for a handful of promised truths,

thawing wounds aching afresh,

discarded emotions gnawing into now catatonic flesh …

we walk on, ever on,

fleeing the tumult of yesterdays sorrow,

we walk on, ever on,

thirsting for a glimpse of that liberating tomorrow,

to finally rid the heaving heart of the weight of the past,

content no more with brief, tenuous ceasefires,

but hungering instead for a peace that shall last …

Meandering …

Meandering …

Streams ebb,

whittling away rock,


seeking the anonymity of the seas.

Tears flow,

carving lines,
engraving faces,


fleeing the comfort of emptiness …

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