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in your eyes

in your eyes …

in your eyes,

marmalade swirls,

candyfloss twirls,

draw me ever deeper,

as another day unfurls …

a new years wish for all

a new years wish for all …

may this year be kind,

leaving the detritus of the past behind.

may this year be filled with peace,

where humans discard prejudice,
where all hatred may cease.

may this year be gentle and true,

banishing the notions of “us and them”,

by acknowledging the humanity that resides in me and in you.

may this year shower all with the truest wealth,

the bounty of the priceless gift of health.

may this year bring real change, by speaking truth to power to effect real humanitarian aid to all those in need,

knowing that the “other” may be “us” someday, if we do not cast out the demons of selfishness and of unending greed.

may our collective power be on display when we demand a better deal for our home, this planet,

by accepting that this is the home we shall bequeath to those yet to come, to leave a healthy environment for them to inhabit.

may this year and the years ahead be filled with the ideals of a more equitable and just and prejudice-free garden of promise,

where the 99% languish no more in poverty and deprivation,

where human dignity is restored to the countless many,

so that the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of this earth may truly live, and not just survive and cope,

so that the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants of this earth may finally,

after epochs of injustice,

seize the light and the banner of achievable hope …

for women everywhere

for women everywhere …

they said she was opinionated.

they castigated her for not following the norm.

they dismissed her for being “loud-mouthed”.

they spoke disparagingly of her for flouting cultural, religious, sectarian narrow-minded claptrap.

they damned her for unclipping her wings, as she soared free into the open skies.

she is you.

and may you always be you …

serenading the glistening rose,

a solitary tear of dew,


caressed by the lilting of rustling leaves,

enveloping dawn,

to gentle birdcalls …

another year flees

the swaying of the grass, as another year flees …




a path leads,

to where wild grasses grow,

sashaying in the summer breeze.




along the path,

lightness settles within,

feeling the grass,


tickling ankles,

swaying to lilting bird-song,

a dance of intimate abandon,

brushing remnants of pain away.




melodies float across fields of green,

delicately caressing my heart,

teasing emptiness to flee,

comforting the mind,

to silently be.




walking on,

savouring the peace,

a momentary respite,

casting off burdens of the now,

all is quiet,

a stillness cradling fractured emotions,

the grass in the fields sway,

dusk descends,

shadows lengthen,

nudging dimming light to take leave of the day … … …

a wish for you

a wish for you … …

May your smile never fade,

may you always be as you are now,

warm and kind,

true and filled with the generosity of spirit that defines you,

may your dreams soar into the boundless open skies,

and may the benevolent fingertips of time and of fate,

brush away any tears that should fall from your gentlest eyes.

May you forever stand tall,

may your head always be held high,

with stoic dignity.

May your past experiences be the stepping-stones that mark your path ahead,

may your heart be your guide,

your blazing beacon of wildly enthusiastic hope,

may your wishes be simple,

and may they come to be,

filling your life and your moments,

with joyous bliss,

where you truly feel free.

Free of the weight of yesterday,

free of gnawing doubt,

and may your being be infused,

with the softest serendipity,

so that you may spread your arms,

and to the heavens shout,

I am free,

I am me,

at long last,

I am standing tall,

never again to bow,

or to fall on bended knee.

This is a wish both simple yet elusive,

a wish that only you can make true,

by simply being,

the kind,


gentle person,

that is you …

she is my all,

picking me up whenever I fall,

walking beside me, fierce and tall,

unafraid pain may yet befall.

my all, my strident constant, breathing away aches in an instant.

she is my all.

she is all.

My Christmas bipolar Haze

My Christmas bipolar Haze … …

watching the stars fall,


scorching these nights,

the manic days,


yet she remains,

a constant,

a bulwark,

an anchor,

in my bipolar haze …

( merry Christmas to all )

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