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living life now,
or dying a little each day … …

lost amidst the flotsam and jetsam,
nonchalantly cast aside,

what may I possibly say:

you’ll soon tire,
as you often do,
of your spanking new toy,
I say,
that there’s always a prettier boy,

around every bend,
in every street,
in every city,

there are always lovelier things,

us puppets,
to prance,

do the necessary dance,
and song,

tugged by emotion,
at will,
oblivious of the machinations,

of the manipulator of strings,

so love the one,
who is there,
in every sense,

and it is alright to be human,

so cry,
as do I,

for pedestals should be made,
to be finite,

prone to being broken,

let’s be kind, if nothing else,
to each other, the planet over,

may our shared humanity,
be from slumber woken,

that’s all,
in a hail of pompous words flung around,

and ever so casually spoken … …

Who am I?

Who am I?

Seeking absolution, I wander the alleyways of times gone by,

awash with wasted regrets, I crawl into the yawning crevasse,

clutching at straws as merciless time takes to the sky.

Drenched in the reeking stench of wrongs I cannot undo,

I scurry blindly through the maze,

seeking pain to convince myself that today’s reality is true.

Torn to shreds, my tattered mind bobs, weaves and swerves,

my fingers clawing at the jangled knots of my frayed nerves.

When does the moulting of skin cease,

crumpling dreams floating away with each passing breeze.

Shattered hearts lie mortally wounded, unable to mend,

washed-up and washed-out, cast into a palace of indifference,

no enemies to be found here, swallowed up by pity, my perennially faithfull friend.

Who am I,

this shuffling carcass of flesh and bone,

enclosed in a fortress,

a prisoner by choice,

behind my impregnable walls of stone.

Who I am,

matters little as I count the hours of each frigid night,

as my salvation rests,

in the tomorrows yet to come,

while I refuse to surrender to the darkness,

for as long as I can see,

the faintest glimmer,

of hope’s flickering light

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