art by banksy

accepting blame - i know that you cannot forgive me ...

... as a thousand searing thoughts scald me in this sleepless night,

i flail around for you, because you told me that you would always hold me close, and closely warmly tight,

but you left me in the sleet, and you threw me into the stabbing rain,

and i feel around for you, because you said that you would share my joy, that we would share the pain,

so tell me, where are you now, as you left me in the vacuum of this hollow dark,

yes, you left me to crawl and scrape and bow, and your lies are now so jarring and so stark,

and as i lie desolate in this bed we left unmade, i know it was never your fault,

because it was me who fled into the passing plastic parade, and in all truth it was i, who scratched your wounds with jagged coarse salt,

so i ask forgiveness of you, but i know you can't, for all the fresh grass is shorn and all i do is water all the weeds that i plant,

and now as the lightning flashes, i lay alone,

all alone,

alone with nothing but the wretched terror of wounded putrid gashes,

so forgive me if you can, but I know that you can't,

because all i ever did was burn it all down, whittling your smile into a scarred and tortured frown,

so as the thunder crashes,

i know,

i know that it was me,
who refused to see,

the gentle love in your gentle loving eyes,

yes, it was me,

it was me who lit the fire that left our love in a pile of forgotten ashes ...

art by banksy