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the owl 

the owl …

perched atop a tree stump,

it watches.

it sees.

seeing through ancient eyes,

it watches.

it sees.

shuffling its feathers,

it watches.

it sees.

its free skies stolen, its branches broken,

leaving just stumps to sit on,

having seen too much.


Masks …


clawing at my face,

slipping beneath the facade,

tugging, tearing, flailing,

stripping off the veneer,

exposing the fragmented decay,


under this mask I wear today.


groping for another layer,

embroidered on my thin skin,

peeling, rotting, searing,

shaving away the truths,

entwined in a jagged kiss,


the vacuum of an emotional abyss.


from myself yet again,

bound for nothingness,

desolate, cold, empty,

lost on barren pathways,

bruising my heart as I tread,


at the horrors that lie ahead …

on saying farewell

tender words don’t sting, gentle words hardly stab, or jab,

you and i have walked the paths, together, sharing each other, the magic and the drab,

now though the time may have come to part, i respect you, for you have always been true, a woman of substance, through and through,

so as we weave and traverse the alleyways of life, looking perhaps for a fresh start,

let us be gentle, kind, tender, to each other, before we depart,

leaving behind memories that don’t tear, feelings that won’t scar,

memories of moments spent together, between the tears and smiles,

know this, i shall always carry within me, a part of you, however near or far ….


simple dreams of us, not of riches, gaudy and plush,

dreams of the exquisite tingle of our lips brushing – of being swept away, imbibing that intoxicating rush –

dreams of soaking up our shared copper sun,

your silky hair bathing my face,

through whispering rivulets of streams, our haven, our secret place –

dreams of souls knit together, of yours, and of mine,

extricated from the numbness of this plastic pantomime –

dreams afloat on streams, on the ripples of our murmuring desire,

alive, inflamed,

forged in our cauldron of love, sensuous, fiery, never tamed –

simple dreams


someplace …

your back to me, feeling my warm breath on your neck,

i part your luscious hair,

i kiss your neck without any care,

my fingers clasped with yours, you smell like parched earth after a rainshower, intoxicating, wild,

as i nibble your ear lobes, whispering sweet nothings in your ear,

feeling the desire rise, after many a year, we have at long last found ourselves together, here,

my mouth hungers for yours, our unleashed passion like a furnace roars,

i turn you around, my lips against yours, for this for me, is sacred ground,

our hands explore each other’s fiery bodies, after all these decades in between,

our tongues find each other, greedy, thirsty, lingering as i nibble your lower lip,

for we had fallen so long ago, there is not a care in the world if further we let slip,

soon we find ourselves together, entwined as one,

skin on skin,

flesh on flesh,

sweaty longing kept under wraps for far too long,

we give in to each other, our bodies one, our need for each other far too strong,

we sprinkle kisses on each other,

i lap and lick, my tongue swirling,

leaving you breathless, your pleasure peaking,

we ride the waves of sensations long pent-up,

we crest the waves of sensual release,

as your head lays on my chest, my fingers running through your hair,


we have surrendered to each other,

free, and without a care ….

awaiting her breathy murmur,

a voice lost in gnarled memories,

of less desolate nights.

awaiting her dusky whisper,

adrift on the breeze

of time,

thawing gnawing gloom.

awaiting her lucid memory,

surfacing, filling voids,

the crevasses of years passed,

stilling cacophony of banal din.

awaiting her deep kiss, when our souls fused into one,

for in all this world, 

it is that kiss,

that i most miss

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