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a few more days … … …

as the branch of the oak sashays,

solitary palms undulate, and sway,

i count the days,

till i feel your loving gaze,

your soul, your heart ablaze,

i count the days,

till our separate ways,

dispel the haze,

i count the days,

when seeing you will make my eyes with desire glaze,

i count the days,

mattering not what cards fate plays,

i count the days,

till destiny’s highways,

merge, embracing the sun’s scorching rays,

for as awake this man lays,

the need, the hunger, the desire aching and ravenous, stays,

as i think of you,

counting the days,

until our seduced souls through the night skies blaze,

i count on you,

counting the days,

when the need for each other whisperingly says,

for you, i have crested the waves,

knowing my hunger for you may be a craze,

a craze that shall abide, firmly rooted, in nights and in days,

as i remain still,

counting these remaining moments, for you my being entire craves,

i lie awake,

counting the days,

lying awake, counting these minutes, these days … … 

Artwork from Google