talkin’ racism shattered unblues … 

walking along these roads one day,

i met a stranger with much to say.

the stranger and i sat down to dine,

sharing each others crumbs and water under the warm sunshine,

we got to talking about our lives as such,

and as strangers do at first we didn’t say much,

but the warm sunshine and the delicious crumbs of food we shared,

moved us to talk and slowly to each other our souls we bared,

we were not alike, in every possible conventional norm,

yet as we chatted we felt a kindred spirit begin to form,

it matters not who the stranger was, it matters not the stranger’s race and religion and caste and tribe,

as we spoke for hours of this world, these differences amplified by those who feed off hate, the poisoned chalice of apartheidness we were continually given to imbibe,

we spoke of common travails, of the woes that assail us, of the troubles and joys of walking the different paths we chose to walk,

we shared the solace of our common humanity, a feeling of being one with another human being, as we for long whiles sat in enveloping silence, with no need to talk,

we sang the songs of where we came from, we whistled so many of our unique and different tunes,

as the knots of being human were binding us together, soaring over the savanna, the prairies, the oceans, the mountains, and the dusty dunes,

we laughed and we reflected, we acknowledged the sadness all of us humans share, of the thorns and the nettles, each of us talking of our personal pain,

as our cheeks streamed with tears in the coolness of a gentle passing shower of rain,

we knew not each others language, we merely spoke and cried and sang and shared as we ate from our chipped weatherbeaten plate,

we could not understand each others words, yet we understood more than we ever could, banishing the intolerance, the racism, and we doused the furnace of hate,

the stranger and i soon parted ways, with a smile and handshake and a warm tight  hug,

and as i walked away, i felt so much lighter, no longer feeling the need for all the baggage i used to lug.

the stranger and i shared one of the rarest thing i could ever find,

stripping away the colour of our skin, the gods we prayed to, the different shapes of our features, the things that in this world separate us, yes, we left all of that behind,

if only for an instant, if only for some hours spent together on our home, this earth, our common ground, our shared space …

… if only for an instant, if only for some hours spent together on our home, this earth, our common ground, our shared space,

one world,

one human race …