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just you, just me

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just you, just me … 

i cannot walk this path alone, my footsteps dragging on desolate cobblestone,

so very distant from you, my dear, enmeshed in this straightjacket of fear.

so let me dream of us on some idyllic shore,

together at last,

alone no more,

our bare feet tickled by the ebbing tide,

at peace with each other,

side by side.

let us meet on that distant beach,

where joy beckons us within reach,

to a place where we truly live,

not just cope,

where crimson horizons infuse us with hope.

let us to that place of peace flee,

together at last,

just you,

just me …

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Ode to Gaza …

We seal our mouths,
lips sewn shut, the complicity hushed,

furiously wagging silent tongues shushed,

mute, impotent,
the deafening silence apalls,

while we build more and more walls.

Still we remain mute,

human beings, all,
helplessly desolate,

mowed down each day while our sewn lips remain shushed,

and as the forgotten petals of weeping olives,

are strewn about,

brutally crushed …

Parallel Lines …

Strange are parallel lines,

destined never to meet,

two hearts, aflame, thud-thudding to the same beat.

Seeking little,

not wealth nor title,

some tenderness, comforting solace,

sipping love from her eyes’ chalice.

Parallel lines,

we may be,

bound never to meet,

seeking peace, love, another soul with whom to share this lifes’ smiles, tears,

each days’ hopes,

the nights’ fears.

Parallel lines we are,

though we may never meet,

you breathe beauty into every breath i breathe, 

as i yearn for you, only you,

in every heartbeat.

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