Passion in B-Major …

plucking heartstrings, the melody of our love soars,

mingling with thunderous desire as the crescendo roars.

whistling beyond the disjointed rhymes of our past,

a segue to the onset of the years ahead, a love meant to perennially last.

you take my hand in yours, and our fingers clasp tight, holding on for the longest time,

while the harmony of your beating heart and mine, thud-thuds in tuneful rhyme.

the tomorrows yet to unfurl may be harsh, our path ahead littered with nettles,

yet our love, our togetherness, our bond remains firm, as each passing storm as it always does, settles.

we are as one, the music stoking the furnace deep within our shared heart,

we are as one, our orchestral confluence intertwined, never to ever depart …