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The Truest Beauty

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the truest beauty …

On that rainy windswept night, when we took shelter under a leaking bus stop,

shivering as invisibles, scratched out of this world’s pitiless sight.

We spoke at length, as the buses passed us by,

we bared our souls to each other, as strangers often do,

laughing about how we roamed these avenues without a clue.

We spoke of excruciating truths, of life’s random cruelty, of our hopes and of our dreams, of our small joys and of our fears,

as we stood under that leaking bus stop, the rain streaking down cheeks that were salty with tears.

I barely saw you, and you could hardly see me, in the rain and in the fog,

as we laughed and cried together, sharing feelings of being swamped in life’s quicksand tugging bog.

We spoke so much that rainy night, we shared what we could not share with anyone else, we spoke of love and the beauty of it all,

we stood in the rainy sleet, dwarfed by the grey buildings towering so impersonally tall.

The beauty that I felt in those moments spent with you, the truest beauty I have ever felt, far beyond the fakery of strutting it all on this daily, gaudy parade,

truer than it all, all of it, far beyond the hollow shells of the neverending charade.

That night passed, as all nights must, yet you remain with me, within me, the beautiful stranger I could hardly see.

Today, I look back through the wisps of time, failing to scribble even the simplest rhyme,

knowing not much, but this much I know to be true,

the truest beauty of all, caresses your soul, and envelopes your heart,

the truest beauty rests,

deep beneath the superficial you …

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you are the physics of my world …


the random sparks of infinitesimal neurons,

the random chaos of the vast cosmic beyond,

the random tugs of quantum strings,

have somehow,

incredibly swirled,

bringing your completeness into the vacuum of my world.


these apparently random machinations, of this universe of possibilities,

has defied all permutations of chance,

to coalesce for us,



as we share our brightly blazing celestial dance.


words escape me, there is no explanation,

to describe the meeting of our twin souls,

there is no hypothesis that I am able to construct,

that fuels these passions, these desires, these feelings that skywards into the heavens erupt.


these atoms and quarks and gluons, bind us together in the most unscientific way,

they exude feelings impossible to explain,

love, for instance,

and a love as deep and abiding and true as ours,

is impossible to understand, even if we tried, spending years and countless hours.


now my love of felines brings me to schrödinger and his deadalive cat,

for unlike dear schrödinger I can say with utmost certainty, that in that box my love for you,

is alive, and ever so true.


all the dark matter, that is postulated to roam the entirety of space,

cannot dim the light of the stellar blaze of our star of love,

our sun that radiates gloriously, from the deepest recesses of our heart, from our magnetically interlinked place. 


all the talk of black holes not allowing light to flee,

comes not closer to the raging cauldron of our shared togetherness,

as we lay blanketed by the heavens above that envelope you, and that cloak me.


the distance of light years are bridged so effortlessly, so easily traversed between you and I,

merging our love, our own supernova lighting the unfolding years we have yet to face,

roaring like a furnace, hewn into the very fabric of our innerspace ..


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Johannesburg in the rain – from google

Our shared African Rain …

When we kissed, beneath our shared African skies, you doused me in the cauldron of an aching desire, as you lit within me, a scorching, eternal fire …

When our bodies writhed, a dazzling confluence of two souls, you tantalised me with many a whispered ode, keeping me company through my vagabond journeys, on this my eternal abode, the yawning desolation of the lonesome road.

When your heart beat against my chest, our bodies a union of love, I sailed the waves of passionate need, imbibing your essence, my constant companion on infinite alleyways tread, as I hobbled further, never knowing what lay ahead.

We were one on that distant Jo’burg night, merged with the rumbling thunder of the African rains, free with gay abandon, breaking the chains, letting go of all stifling reins.

The beauty of those nights of togetherness may be faded sketches on the carpet of yesteryear, though it has always been you, as it always shall be you, my true love tucked away in my heart, kept close so the memories of you may never depart.

Today I yearn to be swept away by you once again, escaping these meagre scribbles that barely rhyme, these paltry words that too many an emotion confine,

to be one again, our souls pining with one another to entwine, our hearts unshackling the knots of all these years, our cheeks no longer feeling the sting of trickling tears.

I want to taste the yearning on your lips, to be woven again, into the tapestry of our exquisite embrace, to banish the distance between us, this void, this empty space.

I wish to hear our hearts beating to that old, sublime refrain, dispelling at once, the pangs of our hearts’ gnawing pain,

to be once more bathed, in the nectar of our shared African rain …




My Beach of Dreams …


Turquoise waters tease your toes,

walking on our dreamy beach,

fingers entwined,

a sensuous breeze caressing your lavender hair,

the soft sand kneading your feet so delicately bare.


The burnished sun swoons and dips,

my ravenous mouth hungers for your sweet lips,

our hearts beat as one to the rhythm of the waves,

scorched by the furnace of desire that our love so passionately craves.


I wake up, with your head on my shoulder,

my soul, my being, my very self continues to smoulder,

I kiss you gently on your forehead,

my fingers tracing poetic verses down your cheek,

I am,

at long last,

at peace,


I have found my home,

there is nothing more I care to seek.

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